Are You Stuck or F.A.T.?

If you’ve been around The Well for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the acronym “F.A.T.” used, which stands for faithful, available and teachable. These are at the heart of true discipleship and when we lack of one of these qualities we end up stuck in our faith, regardless of any desire to move forward. So, what does a F.A.T woman look like?

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Will I be rejected?

Will I be rejected? I’m convinced this question goes through the minds of most women on a regular basis. We fear rejection from parents, spouses, friends, bosses and even our church families. Unfortunately, this fear can stop potential spiritual leaders from ever trying and potential relationships from ever forming.

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Is Your Life Different?

Does your life look different enough from the culture of this world that the Gospel is the only way to explain it? We live and operate in a world where two kingdoms are present – the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light and each has its own culture. The culture of this world is driven by the kingdom of darkness, is ruled by the devil, and is what our flesh is naturally drawn to.

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