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conference description

This co-ed conference is designed to forever change the way we live, think and talk about the Gospel. The keynote messages address what is problematic with our westernized gospel and the small groups are aimed at helping participants make applications. The conference includes beverages, lunch, snack and materials. Interpreters will be provided for the deaf and hard of hearing. #gochangeyourworld

about our guest speaker

Dr. Delio DelRio is a Jesus follower and a Gospel of Christ devotee. He’s a writer, teacher, pastor, New Testament scholar, Greek and Hebrew geek and avid reader. He’s married with kids and really likes it, even though his family makes him frequent Disney. He really enjoys watching football, but not playing it (you’ll see why when you meet him). He’s got a lot of other academic credentials, so for Delio’s more complete bio, blog, and resources – www.deliodelrio.com


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*The Mr. & Mrs. Rate is per person and is available during regular registration only.
Married couples must register together. Contact Us for the promo code.

all registrations are non-refundable

frequently asked questions

what is the well?

We are a diverse inter-denominational and inter-generational women’s training and discipleship ministry focused on establishing women in their Christian faith and helping them be disciples who can make disciples. To learn more about us, please visit – thewelltraining.org.

who should attend this conference?

Any male or female, age 17 or older, who desires to have a fuller, deeper understanding of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

can I bring my nursing baby or other children this conference?

No. This conference is not designed for anyone under 17 years old.

can I cancel my registration this conference?

Yes, but ALL REGISTRATIONS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE and your payment will be considered a tax-deductible donation.

is there an option not to pay for meals?

No. The conference is an onsite, all-inclusive training day.

what about smoking, vaping and drinking alcoholic beverages at this event?

We are asking you to please refrain from use of these products out of respect for the various religious views of our participants, in consideration of addictions that others attending this conference may be trying to overcome, and for the preservation of our witness as a Christian ministry.

what should I bring to this conference?

We suggest you bring a Bible and some duct tape because your head is going to explode! 

still have questions

If you have any further questions or concerns, please click the link below: