June 15th

The Pop Up is a great way to introduce new women to The Well and for you to meet other women within our growing and diverse Well Community.

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The Well is an inter-generational (17+), inter-denominational women’s training and discipleship ministry birthed from the conviction that there should be Christian environments where women can be trained by other women in discipleship.

We are Jesus-Centered, Kingdom-Oriented and passionate about Gospel-Driven Discipleship.

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OTUAW Fundraising Ideas

OTUAW..HOW can you afford to go??
We want to see you there!😁
Fundraising ideas:
✅“Pick a number or Adopt a box”: This fundraising idea focuses on creating a large board with many different numbers. You can choose how many numbers to include (e.g., 1-50). You can present them on a board in a creative way. The idea is that supporters can “Pick a Number” for “Adopt a box” to donate.
Once they pick a number, it is taken off the board or crossed out. On some board ideas, no single person would have to give more than $50.
You can adjust the amount based on your specific circumstances. Below are some ideas.
1. https://experiencemission.org/…/IMMERSION-Adopt-a-Box…
2. https://experiencemission.org/…/IMMERSION-Adopt-a-Box…
✅Feel free to Google: “fundraising ideas for mission trips or field trips” for more ideas!
Did you know?.…https://youtu.be/Ub6pKBCr9-k
Register for OTUAW HERE🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻: https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/ev/reg/98xwjs3

Wanted to also include here another effective way to fundraiser your ticket to OTUAW, a fundraising ask letter! It would be the same as raising money by fundraiser for a missions trip through a church!
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6 Things That Will Make Your Ministry Less Effective

6 Things that Will Make Your Ministry LESS Effective

Sometimes we think we’re not as effective as we could be in ministry because we lack
finances, or our space isless thanideal, or we don’t have enough people to help. Those
things are frustrating issues, for sure, but they’re NOT the thing that makesour ministry less
effective. Why? Because we could have all the finances we need, in the best space ever,
with loads of people helping and STILL be less effective due to:

1. Prayerlessness.
Little Prayer = Little Power = you’ll never be as effective as you could be.

2. Vision Drift.
You’re doing a godly “thing” but it’s not necessarily God’s thing for you. If
you’re off YOUR mark, then you’re going to be less effective in ministry.

3. Unchecked Sin.
You CANNOT be effective in the things of God when sin is unchallenged
in YOUR life or in the lives of others in your group or ministry.

4. Pride.
Your God-given platform cannot become a means of self-promotion. To be
effective in ministry requires that you stay God-focused and others-centric.

5. Old “Manna.”
You must operate from“fresh bread,” which you get when you abide
regularly with Jesus in His Word, in prayer, and in community with the Body of Christ.
Yesterday’s manna will not make your ministry more effective.

6. Control.
Effectiveness is not connected to perfection. It’s connected to empowerment.
However, empowering imperfect people is messy business, but it’s the God-way of helping people grow and begin contributing through their gifts and abilities.

“I love this fellowship of women! God has used The Well to help me understand and learn who Jesus is and what He taught us about discipleship and the Kingdom of God!”

– Pam Edmonson

“This isn’t your typical Christian women’s Bible study! This is a ministry that will challenge and encourage you into a closer walk with God. God used The Well to change my life, and I will never be the same.”

– Christy Norland

I realized that I had made Christianity all about me. Coming to The Well challenged my way of thinking, helped me to see the harvest and then equipped me with the necessary tools to participate in advancing the Gospel and His Kingdom.

– Missy Johnson

“Even though I live in upstate New York, and not the Florida area, I have benefitted greatly from their online trainings. The Well is a wonderful women’s ministry that has helped equip me to disciple women in my area.”

– Taylor Preckel

The Well ministry was an answer to prayer in understanding that we are ONE BODY in spite of our denominational differences and that our common ground is Jesus Christ, who maintains our unity.

–Judy Torres

“This is an awesome Christ centered community! It has taught me in immeasurable ways how to become a follower of Christ in every facet of my life – marriage, parenting, relationships, and so much more. I highly recommend joining this training ministry as it will change your life and relationship with God for the better.”

– Peachie Dinglasan

“Through the teachings, trainings, Bible studies, and the community at The Well, I have learned more about who God is and my purpose within His mission, which is to bring His Kingdom to earth. I have learned what biblical discipleship is about, how to speak the Gospel, and better understand my role as the helpmate in my marriage.”

– Violeta Nahrwold

The Well • Odessa, FL • a training and discipleship ministry

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