a well training ministry event


September 13th and 14th,  2024


regular registration: 5/2 – 7/17 at $309

late registration: 7/18 – 8/2 at $339

conference description

Operation Train Up a Woman (OTUAW) explores the critical need for discipleship in women’s ministry. OTUAW is a spiritual boot camp designed to equip and recalibrate women towards the biblical model of discipleship. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to take up the mantle of discipleship and become laborers with Christ. OTUAW is a vehicle for raising up laborers, helping women in local churches take ownership of the mandate to make disciples by reacquainting them with the challenge of the Great Commission. The conference will also help equip women to better lead in their churches and communities as they gain vision for generational discipleship through a greater understanding of the Kingdom of God and move their ministries beyond learning environments to spiritual training camps. There are nine workshops to choose from. Each woman will choose three workshops at time of registration.

about our speaker

Susie Walther is the founder of The Well Training Ministry, Inc., a discipleship-centric community and training ministry for women. She shares the Word of God passionately through her leadership, writing, teaching, mentoring of women, and conferences with her no-holds-barred style, encouraging and challenging women in their walk with God. Susie believes every woman really matters, and if each woman would embrace the whole Gospel of the Kingdom of God and allow it preeminence in her life, she would become the difference that’s needed in her marriage, family, church, workplace, neighborhood, and world. Susie and her husband, Bob, live in Tampa, Florida and have two adult daughters.


At registration you will choose three of the following workshops:

Emotionally Healthy Discipleship

Discipleship that leads to deep transformation requires that we take care of our own mental health. We will discuss how emotional maturity plays a role in our spiritual growth, as well as in our ability to effectively influence those around us for the sake of the Kingdom of God.  

Encountering God Through the Power of Prayer

Prayer, given to us as a divine gift, often remains unopened. This workshop aims to equip you to experience the joy and power of prayer and gives you a way to help others do the same. Drawing from Scripture, we will explore practical ways to establish physical and spiritual prayer spaces. We will also discuss how to cultivate a lifestyle of prayer. As we develop greater intimacy with God through prayer, we enhance our capacity to help others increase in prayer.

Four Ways You Can Avoid Losing Your Teen to the World

Are you a struggling parent or ministry leader? Do you find yourself in an uphill battle? Are you trying to protect your teens from the world only to be met with apathetic and complacent attitudes? This workshop includes effective strategies and a transformative learning opportunity for moms, ministry leaders, and disciplers seeking to instill deep and authentic life change in a teen.

Helping Women Develop Intimacy with God through His Word

Many Christian women are spiritually starving and stagnant because they don’t have a habit of spending time in God’s Word. This workshop explores what spiritual hunger looks like, and how to help women overcome the hurdles that keep them away from regular time in God’s Word. This foundational habit helps us experience transformation in our own lives and prepares us to help other women experience the same.

Maintaining Your Strength and Purpose Through Brokenness

Brokenness is something we all experience – grief, loss, pain, trauma, etc. Regardless of whether our brokenness is caused by our own choices or circumstances beyond our control, it is still overwhelming. However, we don’t have to be disabled by brokenness. This workshop explores God’s invitation to intimacy, the need for authentic community, and the power of our testimony. Understanding these things for ourselves will help us know how to encourage others in their season of brokenness.

Redefined: Identity Driven by Christ 

When our lives are surrendered to King Jesus, our identity is no longer defined by who we once were. It’s defined by who we are in Christ. Our belief about our identity impacts our self-image, relationships, parenting, etc., and it impacts how we disciple others. Join us as we tackle what it truly means to live from our new identity in Christ and learn how to help others do the same.

Stewarding Your Time Well for the Kingdom

The struggle is real! It’s hard to break free from all the distractions that keep us from following Jesus. In this workshop you will learn how both you, and the women you disciple, can set your mind, heart, and time on God’s purposes. This is how we pursue “good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them” (Ephesians 2:10).

Surrendering to Christ’s Lordship

Lordship is often the missing piece in our discipleship. We believe in Jesus as Savior, but don’t always know how to surrender to Him as Lord. We need to learn how to progressively surrender every area of our lives to the Lordship of Jesus. This workshop will equip you to identify common Lordship issues we have as women and give you language to help others toward ongoing surrender to Christ.

Understanding The Kingdom of God and Its Implication

Many women do not understand what the Kingdom of God is or their role within it. Even though Jesus taught about the Kingdom more than any other topic, it is still often misunderstood or ignored. In this workshop, you will learn a simple method for explaining the Kingdom of God, and we’ll cover how to help women understand their role in advancing the Kingdom within their own spheres of influence.

frequently asked questions

what is the well?

We are a diverse interdenominational, multigenerational, Christ-centered ministry. We are committed to training, resourcing, and equipping women to effectively live out their calling as disciples of Jesus Christ while strengthening their work and ministry within their own spheres of influence. To learn more about us, please visit – thewelltraining.org.

who should attend this conference?

Any woman age 17 or older who is interested in obeying Christ’s mandate to make disciples.

how can I be a part of the prayer effort for this conference?

Thank you for your desire to join us in the most important part of the conference – prayer! Please email: prayer@thewelltraining.org for in person and online corporate prayer dates or for the specific OTUAW prayer list.

what is the schedule?

A printable schedule is available to view and can be downloaded here.

can I bring my nursing baby or other children to this conference?

No. This conference is not designed for anyone under 17 years old.

what is included with my registration fee?

In addition to the conference content, the registration fee covers a continental breakfast, a lunch buffet and snacks both days, plus daytime parking. Overnight parking is a discounted $20 self-parking fee.

what is on the menu for breakfast, lunch and snack?

Click here to view the menu.

can I make a room reservation?

Yes! If you would like to reserve a room at the Marriott, call 800-228-9290 or click here to make your OWN reservation no later than August 13th. Let Marriott reservations know that you are with The Well Training Ministry/Operation Train Up a Woman (conference date September 13-14, 2024) at the Tampa Airport Marriott to receive a discounted rate ($169 per night). FYI – There is a $20 overnight parking fee.

can I cancel my registration for the conference?

ALL REGISTRATIONS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. However, you can transfer your ticket to someone else. If you transfer your ticket, YOU MUST contact Emily Henderson with the name of your transfer at emily@thewelltraining.org.

is there an option to not pay for meals?

No. The conference fee includes a continental breakfast and lunch buffet on both Friday and Saturday.

are we on a single or split lunch rotation?

We are on a split lunch schedule. If you have a special request for who you’d like in your lunch rotation, please email Emily Henderson at emily@thewelltraining.org. Requests must be made by August 30, 2024.

what should I bring to this conference?

Bring your conference ticket (mobile or printed) that was in your confirmation email.  We suggest you bring a Bible and some duct tape because your head is going to explode!

what time can I check in?

Conference check-in will begin at 8am.

how can I help a woman in need attend this conference?

Thank you for your generosity! Click here and select the “Operation Train Up a Woman Scholarship Fund.” You can make a tax-deductible donation up until July 31, 2024.

what about smoking, vaping, and drinking alcoholic beverages at this event?

We ask you to please refrain from use of these products out of respect for the various religious views of our participants, in consideration of addictions that others attending this conference may be trying to overcome, and for our witness as a Christian women’s conference.

still have questions

If you have any further questions or concerns, please click the link below: