Are we Part of the Solution or the Problem?

by | Jun 16, 2020 | Kingdom of God

We have work to do as a church, ladies. Work that starts with the way we love one another. And I’m not talking tweeting at each other or posting stuff. I’m talking about the way we treat each other. The WORLD is supposed to know we’re Christ’s disciples by the way we LOVE EACH OTHER. So, are we sick of it yet? Sick of white English-speaking churches and black English-speaking churches when there’s no language dividing us? Are we sick of saying we love black people or white people and yet no people who look different from us are ever invited into our homes? Are we sick of calling ourselves “multi-cultural” because we have a few people of color in our ministries or congregation even though they’re nowhere to be found in our leadership? Are we sick of the hate? Are we sick of the name-calling? Are we sick of the culture of hell running rampant in our churches, cities, country and world? Because if you’re actually sick of it, you’ll choose to be part of the healing – one person at a time, one act of kindness at a time, one act of image-bearing at a time. And just like God knows we’ve repented of sin because we change, He also knows when we’re sick of something because we change. If we don’t change, then we’re not sick of it yet, which means we’re part of the problem, not the solution. And it’s like treason against God to be part of the problem when our responsibility as the church is to colonize the earth with the Kingdom of Heaven! The Kingdom has a distinct and different culture from the world. Everything in the world is a shade or shadow or caricature or abomination of Heaven’s culture. As the church, our weapons, our culture, our solutions are other-worldly. God help us to understand that. Help us see how Jesus changed the world. He lived the message He preached. He extended the truth of that message to individuals – free, slave, poor, rich, prostitutes and priests, Jews and Gentiles, men and women, blacks and whites and everyone in between. He started a revolution by doing that. We continue that revolution by being image-bearers who treat others as image-bearers and incorporate all into the ministry and mission of image-bearers. If we do that we will, just like Jesus, actually change the world vs. just tweeting at it.