OTUAW Fundraising Ideas

OTUAW..HOW can you afford to go??
We want to see you there!😁
Fundraising ideas:
✅“Pick a number or Adopt a box”: This fundraising idea focuses on creating a large board with many different numbers. You can choose how many numbers to include (e.g., 1-50). You can present them on a board in a creative way. The idea is that supporters can “Pick a Number” for “Adopt a box” to donate.
Once they pick a number, it is taken off the board or crossed out. On some board ideas, no single person would have to give more than $50.
You can adjust the amount based on your specific circumstances. Below are some ideas.
✅Feel free to Google: “fundraising ideas for mission trips or field trips” for more ideas!
Did you know?.…
Register for OTUAW HERE🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻:

Wanted to also include here another effective way to fundraiser your ticket to OTUAW, a fundraising ask letter! It would be the same as raising money by fundraiser for a missions trip through a church!
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