Are You Stuck or F.A.T.?

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Lordship

If you’ve been around The Well for any length of time, you’ve probably heard the acronym “F.A.T.” used, which stands for faithful, available and teachable. These are at the heart of true discipleship and when we lack of one of these qualities we end up stuck in our faith, regardless of any desire to move forward. So, what does a F.A.T woman look like? She’s a faithful woman, meaning, she’s spiritually hungry for truth and drawn to the Christian message, lifestyle and values. Ask yourself – do I have a sense of my spiritual need? Is my awareness of my own depravity growing as my knowledge of Christ increases? Do I want to be more like Christ? A F.A.T. woman is an available woman. She’s willing to make time for discipleship opportunities. When opportunities for learning, challenge and growth come, she takes advantage of them even when she doesn’t feel like it. Ask yourself – do I make time to meet with women for spiritual growth? Is participating in things that contribute to growth a priority? A F.A.T. woman is a teachable woman. She’s open to input and instruction. Ask yourself – do I listen to those who are more spiritually mature than myself? Do I want help from mature sisters in Christ? Will I let myself be accountable to others? Now, no one can make you F.A.T. or mentor you to it. It happens first on the inside, in cooperation with the Holy Spirit. Only God can make a woman F.A.T. Also good to know is that if any of these F.A.T. components are missing, your spiritual growth will be stunted, your teaching will be less effective and any discipling relationship will just leave you and a mentor frustrated and/or discouraged. So, what about you? Are you willing to jump into a Bible study and connect with women who can help you grow? Are you willing to turn around and impact others? Because you are either F.A.T. and need to be helping others or you are F.A.T. and need others to help you. If neither are happening right now, then you’re spiritually stuck. So, then – start by surrendering the areas that are preventing you from moving forward and becoming the F.A.T. girl God created you to be!