Are you willing to move forward with God into that revelation?

by | Nov 11, 2021 | Kingdom of God, The Word

Jesus reveals. What He reveals is meant to keep us moving forward. Moving forward is growing and becoming more and more like Jesus and participating right here, right now in the Kingdom of God. There are different ways our amazing Lord reveals, but regardless of how He does it, we need to be open to and willing to act upon what that revelation is. If we don’t engage or we aren’t willing to act on what He shows us, then we’re going to get stuck spiritually, which effects lots of other areas of our lives.

Ways God can reveal His will and His purpose to us.

God reveals through the spiritual disciplines, which include setting aside some time daily to be in God’s Word and prayer.

  • Are you engaged in the Spiritual Disciplines of quiet time and prayer?
  • What does your time in God’s Word and prayer look like for you daily?
  • Are you being intentional and fighting for that time?

God reveals through community. You can’t move forward without community because not only does God reveal His will and purpose through His Word and prayer, but also through His people who speak His Word to us.

  • Are you participating and active in a community of believers – church, Bible study, an accountability group?

God reveals through the circumstances and events we experience, as our very lives unfold.

  • What is God showing you through your circumstances right now? What do you see in your attitude, your biases, where you lack love or kindness? What your idols and fears are that are not surrendered to Him?

We have a choice to act on whatever God is revealing.

We can either act on what God is showing us with His help or listen to Satan and get stuck spiritually, relationally, and just stuck in life in general. Satan wants us to get stuck and stay right where we are. He will even try to anchor us to the past, so we can stay permanently stuck. Don’t listen to Satan! Move forward with God into freedom!

What moving forward might look like for you.

Maybe you need to go back to the basics and start being intentional with the spiritual disciples, engaging more and participating more in a community of believers. Maybe God is revealing that you need to forgive or let go because that’s what’s got you stuck. But maybe moving forwards means you:

  • Stop Gossiping, or you’ll get stuck.
  • Stop flirting with other men, or you’ll get stuck.
  • Start being more respectful to your husband, or you’ll get stuck.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and lead something, or you’ll get stuck.
  • Give more of your time, resources, or money, or you’ll get stuck.
  • Serve, or you’ll get stuck.
  • Stop trying to control what you aren’t meant to control, or you’ll get stuck.
  • Drop the need to be right all the time, or you’ll get stuck.
  • Take your thoughts to the obedience of Christ, or you’ll get stuck.
  • Cut off your form of escapism – your screens, fantasy books, porn, etc., or you’ll get stuck.
  • Stop over drinking or overindulging or overeating, or you’ll get stuck.
  • The list goes on……. You fill in the blank.

Act on what God reveals to you through prayer, His Word, His people, and what life exposes in you. Move forward! That’s called growth!