It’s Not About the Building

by | Mar 19, 2020 | People

Since The Well decentralized, many of us, like the Israelites leaving Egypt, have longed for the way things “used to be.” We miss the convenience of being on the same campus seeing all the women on “our Well day.” We miss seeing fresh faces walking through the doors each week and hearing the devotions that blew our minds. We miss the prayer groups that helped us push through another hard week and our favorite Bible study teacher who always challenged us to give Jesus a little more. We miss the regularity, the rhythm and routine that we were accustomed to – and we desperately miss childwatch!! While some elements of our old “Well day” will return when we meet on our new campus, the reality is other things won’t return because God isn’t trying to bring us back to where we used to be. Our God is a Creator and He is always doing something new. That’s an important thought for us to hang on to along with the wonderful news about our future training center. Decentralization has been good for us and it’s taught us all a lot of things. You’ve taken the initiative and have invited others into your homes, which have become embassies of the Kingdom of God. You’ve organized your own groups and studies, not waiting for a directive from others. You’ve encouraged women in your community groups to share devotions and testimonies and what they got out of a Scripture memory verse. You’ve learned how to believe God for impossible things. You’ve learned to share the Gospel and lead a Bible study. In this season, more and more of us have learned to take ownership of the ministry of Jesus Christ without a Well day. God used this season to show us how to actually live out the culture of the Kingdom of God outside the walls of a campus space. So, here is my question, are you among those hoping things will go back to the way they used to be? Because if you are, you’re missing the point. God wants to build His Kingdom through you. That means we keep pushing into our neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and churches because that’s what Christians do. The training center to come is intended to help resource your ministry out there. It’s not meant to replace anything God started in you and through you during this season of decentralization.