Will I be rejected?

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Salvation

Will I be rejected? I’m convinced this question goes through the minds of most women on a regular basis. We fear rejection from parents, spouses, friends, bosses and even our church families. Unfortunately, this fear can stop potential spiritual leaders from ever trying and potential relationships from ever forming. If we fear rejection, we won’t initiate a simple “hello” to a new woman sitting by herself at church or ask the woman struggling in her marriage out for coffee. If we fear rejection, we won’t initiate and invite others into the things that are having an impact in our own lives. If we fear rejection, we won’t be honest about addictions or struggles in our lives and we’ll just pretend and fake that we have it all together. On top of that, fears left unchecked lead to isolation and reduce the potential for meaningful relationships within the Body of Christ. But the truth for all of us is that at some point, in some way, we’re going to experience rejection – real or perceived. Rejection is part of life and it’s definitely a part of what it means to be a follower of Jesus! The question is, are you following Jesus in such a way that allows for rejection or are you self-protecting to try and keep that from happening? By now you know that The Well is a training and discipleship ministry that seeks to encourage every woman to be a disciple who can contribute to making disciples in her community. EVERY WOMAN includes you. We believe that every Christ follower has spiritual gifts that are necessary to her church community and we want to help women discover those gifts and put them into practice. We want to encourage you to take risks with people for the sake of the Gospel and the Kingdom, and help break the cycle of non-discipleship within our churches. We don’t want you to wind up living an unproductive and ineffective Christian life because you were afraid of being rejected. So, don’t let fear write a different story for your life than Jesus had in mind for you. Care about His reaction, not theirs, and just do what He left you here to do – starting now.