Your Attendance ISN’T Impressive

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Salvation

Women sense that The Well is different. Not perfect, but different. Some think it’s because we’re serial huggers, as few manage to escape one of our meetings without getting one or two or ten of those. Some think our mojo lies with the content of our studies, trainings and conferences. Others believe it’s the diversity of denomination, age, race and ethnicity – which really is pretty stinking amazing. Others think the difference is in the honesty, transparency and authenticity they hear and witness. And all these and more make The Well, The Well, but what really makes us different is this – we’re not satisfied just because you show up. Nope, you don’t get any kudos or gold stars for that. Nothing we do is aimed at making you feel comfortable in spiritual apathy, stagnancy or sin. We’re not content if you show up, but don’t do your study, don’t read and memorize the Word, don’t spend time with Jesus in prayer and don’t want to pray for others right in front of you. We expect you to want to grow, share your faith, contribute to the building up of God’s Kingdom, and to cultivate a culture of invitation by initiating conversations and relationships with women. We’re different because we’re invested in resourcing you for your ministry. We exist to contribute to producing spiritual generations of women living and serving as disciples of Christ. So, though your attendance is nice, your discipleship is better. Our desire when you arrive at one of our Bible studies, trainings, conferences or events is that you would experience Jesus in such a way that eternal transformation takes place by degrees in you through the Gospel, Word, prayer and fellowship, and that you leave the Bible study, training, conference or event more equipped to be a Jesus-following, God-honoring, Bible-believing, Spirit-filled child of God who engages people and does the ministry of Christ in your home, church, work space and world without waiting for a person or program to direct you into the outreach of the month. So, that, my dear, is really what makes us different.