Active faith and some desire are NOT the same thing

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Discipleship

Desire. To want, to wish. To feel longing for. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s not a good thing if that’s what mostly defines our faith in God. I mean, yes – God wants us to desire Him, but He wants that desire to translate into choosing Him, pursuing Him and obeying Him, not just having lots of good intentions concerning Him.

Our desires need to lead to choices.

God wants us to choose to live in the direction of our desire. That means making choices in light of our desire, so we’re not just noisy gongs and clanging cymbals. Jesus asked, “Which one did the will of his father? The one who wanted to, but never did or the one who didn’t want to, but did anyway?” And we know the answer. It’s the one who didn’t want to do what God said, but did it anyways – despite what they desired.

Desire without action is no different than faith without works, so we need to be careful that we’re not defining our faith by our desire since that would be a form of deception.

Good intention is not obedience.

Sadly, there are still too many of us living like this. We desire to be in a church for corporate  worship, but we never get there. We desire to read the Bible, we just don’t. We desire to pray, but can’t find the time. We desire to give financially to the work of God, but then spend the money on something else. We desire to participate in a Bible study or group, but never sign up or go. We desire to lead a group, but never launch. We desire to share our faith, but don’t speak up when we have the opportunity. We desire to get to know other women, but never invite anyone out or over. We desire to be a better wife, a better mom, a better co-worker, a better boss…and yet…

Just make the choice!

We need to remember that receiving a talent from God is different than investing that talent and having a lamp is different from having oil in the lamp. So, we need to fight the lie that tells us God is pleased with desire that never transforms into action. Everything in life is a choice, ladies. We’re all making choices. You’re making choices. Seek to live a faith that’s connected to your desire and evidenced by your choices.