Do You “Smell” Like Heaven or Hell?

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Salvation

Jesus isn’t saving you so that when you die your soul can go to heaven. Good gravy, help us Lord! Jesus is saving you NOW to be conformed to His image NOW, so you can reproduce the culture of Heaven on the earth NOW (that’s called sanctification in the Bible). You’re STILL being saved because there’s STILL too much of Adam’s nature alive and well in you. When a flower is crushed, it rewards us with its fragrant aroma. When you are crushed, what do people “smell”? The Apostle Paul said we were to be the “aroma of Christ.” Is that what people smell when you’re crushed and stressed and strained? If a stink comes out of us, then we know where we’re not yet conformed to the image of Christ. If we stink when crushed, then we know where the new creation has not displaced the old. So, what does Hell “smell” like, act like, sound like and look like when it comes out of us? Hell in us manifests as child abuse, spouse abuse, yelling, screaming, rage, obscenities, hatred, racism, addictions, porn, constant discontent, complaining, ingratitude, arrogance, sexual immorality, self-harm, gluttony, hedonism, laziness, greed, jealousy, self-rule and more. YET God gave those of us who say we believe His Holy Spirit to transform us from hellish creatures and conform us to heavenly ones. He gave us His Holy Spirit so we would be the salt of the earth, the light in the world, a city on a hill. That we would be the aroma of Christ as we follow Christ, picking up His scent. That we would “smell” like, act like, sound like and look like Heaven. That Heaven in us would manifest as wives sleeping with their husbands and single women not sleeping with their boyfriends; as women not screaming at their kids and husbands; as peacemakers, grace givers, truth tellers who can speak a calm word, serve others, have joy, promote unity, share their resources, pray God’s Word, read God’s Word, conform to God’s Word, speak God’s Word, sacrifice for others and more. So, wherever Hells shows up in you, let Jesus save that part of your soul. Repent, learn from Christ, imitate Christ, follow Christ – so that when you’re crushed again, Heaven comes out.