Greatness Comes through Surrender

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Lordship

“God doesn’t do great things through great people; He does great things through surrendered people.” That mic-drop statement was said by Susanna Kozlow at a Well Pop Up. Wow! What a paradigm shift! So, our abilities, talents, resources, and status don’t make us great. Those are only transactional and temporal. The “great things” are the eternal and transcendent “more” that God is seeking in and through our discipleship. We can only achieve “great things” when we surrender in obedience to the rule and reign of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in every aspect and every season of our lives. Greatness occurs when we allow His Kingdom to come and His will to be done through the capabilities He’s given us. Greatness occurs when we let the Spirit of God impact our mouths, attitudes, relationships, situations and our circumstances. We can’t achieve “great things” if we only engage with people who are like us or never extend ourselves beyond what’s comfortable, easy or natural. We partake in greatness only when we choose the supernatural and we absolutely need the Spirit’s help to accomplish supernatural things like – forgiveness, perseverance, self-control, godliness, and love. So, ask yourself – what great thing is God striving to attain through your surrender? Maybe the great thing is simply to notice and talk to someone no one else sees at church. Maybe it’s extending patience or compassion to that difficult co-worker, friend, or family member. Maybe the great thing is choosing to continue to pray for that loved one or situation that seems unchanging. Or maybe it’s choosing join a work of God or start a work! Whatever Jesus is asking of you, it won’t happen without some kind of surrender. So surrender, and invite a woman out to coffee to share your story or invite her to Bible study with you. Surrender, and open your home for Bible study, prayer, or an accountability group. Surrender, and offer support to those on the frontlines of ministry who are battling to advance God’s Kingdom. Just surrender! Lay down your rights, comfort, pride, time, talents, and treasure because holding on to those don’t make us great. We only become great in the eyes of God when we allow God to do more than you can ask, think or imagine when we surrender!