Is Your Life Different?

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Salvation

Does your life look different enough from the culture of this world that the Gospel is the only way to explain it? We live and operate in a world where two kingdoms are present – the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of light and each has its own culture. The culture of this world is driven by the kingdom of darkness, is ruled by the devil, and is what our flesh is naturally drawn to. This culture is identified by living for self, doing whatever feels good and pursuing whatever version of success we idolize. Conversely, the Kingdom of Light is ruled by Jesus whose authority over our lives provides us with the power we need to surrender to Him and operate in His Kingdom. His culture is identified by living for others, imitating His life and advancing His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Since God’s Kingdom is an upside down one, when people see it operating, they quickly notice a difference between the culture they are used to seeing and the Kingdom culture we represent. When we choose to lead by serving, some will ask questions and others will be drawn to us. When we stop being entertained by garbage, people will want to know why. When we have every right to be bitter, but instead lay down our rights and choose to forgive, people will wonder why and even how we did that. If we choose to notice, invest and love others with the aim of helping them towards Christ and Christlikeness, people will ask what in the world we are doing and why we choose to live like that. Remember what Jesus said – “You will know the tree by its fruit”? Our fruit, as believers, should be so foreign to the fruit produced by this world’s culture that it requires a Gospel explanation! So, what about you? Are you declaring the Gospel and the reality of Christ evidenced by what your life is producing? If not, then start declaring Him! Start serving, surrendering, forgiving and investing in others in such a way that the Gospel is the only way to explain your life – and then give them Jesus through your words, too!