Practical Ways to Strengthen Your Spiritual Muscle in the Workplace Part Two

Spiritual Faith Muscles

The spiritual assignment in part one of this blog focused on business and the workplace. Part two focuses on growing spiritual faith muscles as a business strategy. If you think about your business or workplace strategies to meet more client needs or climb the corporate ladder, you most likely have a list of goals. Our goals tell us the focus of our hearts and minds. As believers, our top priority is to reflect on God’s Word daily and how to apply it in business and the workplace. What does that look like? What does this mean? We want to reflect God and be part of His plan. Therefore, we must train our spiritual muscles for strength and endurance.

Faith as a Business Strategy

Our business lives require faith, just as our spiritual lives do. And the good Lord has given us a divine design and framework. When we allow our business life to remain under God’s Lordship, we die to ourselves and give up control resulting in us going to the Lord, praying, listening, and waiting for Him to respond in His timing, not ours. That is called faith, which is how we grow our spiritual faith muscles. We extend our spiritual muscles by following a simple framework: 1) remove distractions, 2) dig into the word and create intentional prayer time, 3) write down what the Lord is saying, 4) plan strategy after prayer, 5) check in with God and watch Him work.

Spiritual Muscle Framework

1) Remove distractions – Be intentional about eliminating anything you are listening to or watching that distracts you from hearing the Holy Spirit. Write down what you need to get rid of so that the Lord’s will for your life becomes clearer. Guard your heart and mind. Be still and know that He is God.

2) Dig into the word and create intentional prayer time – We are told in the Bible to meditate on God’s Word. That means taking a verse, thinking about it, praying, and digging into it. Being intentional about prayer time also includes allowing quiet time to hear from the Lord. Sit for a few minutes each day and ask God to speak to you.

3) Write down what the Lord is saying – Write down what you hear the Lord say to you in response. You have clarity in that moment and need to capture it.

4) Plan after prayer – Plan and strategize business after prayer. A few biblical centered business and leadership books to read are, God is my CEO by Larry Julian, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell, and Business Boutique by Christy Wright! Remember to keep specific Scripture front and center to keep yourself grounded. Faith in a good strategy is a must. So, build your foundation well. Proverbs 16:3 says, “Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.”

5) Check in with God – We often go through our day so busy that we don’t check in with God. Growing spiritual muscles requires that you to remain aware, waiting to hear from God on big and small things in life, during the day, in the workplace, too. He is always speaking to you. Your job is to tune in and lean into the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to transform your plans and day to align with His will!

Step out in faith and watch God work.

Lastly, step out in faith. To truly grow in our spiritual muscles, we must act on the things God is speaking to us. Faith is a skill we can develop over time, but we can only develop it if we practice. That practice comes in the form of acting on the impressions that God is giving us. Step out in faith and watch God work. Ladies, build your business plans and your workplace operations on the principles provided by Him. Holy Scripture delivers insight, guidance, and tools to advance His will, not our ways. He calls us to remain faithful in both secular and sacred places and to bring the sacred into the secular. Hold fast to that calling, live out your purpose in the workplace, and enjoy the blessing of His great love and pleasure!