The Culture is Discipling

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Salvation

The culture is disciplining more and more Christians. ITS making disciples of us as we continue to reflect the values and practices of the world because the majority of Christians are making excuses, not disciples. If we’re in Christ, then God expects us to follow Jesus’ example and be disciples who can contribute to making disciples. Our obedience to His command in Matthew 28 to “… GO and make disciples of all nations…” is how God intends to get the culture of Heaven and the rule of Christ in us and through our lives. From the day Jesus stepped onto the scene, He was about one thing and one thing only – the Kingdom of God (KOG) and bringing it into the lives of people. As you attend Well Studies, Trainings and Conferences, you will notice that we, too, are about one thing and one thing only – the KOG and bringing it into the lives of people. We do this by studying our Master and imitating Him. To study Jesus means every Christian must be in the fight to read the Bible daily with an emphasis on the Gospels and we must constantly encourage other women who say they have faith in Christ to do the same. Doing this ensures that we continue advance Jesus’ teaching and lifestyle centered on the KOG. As you read and re-read the Gospels, you can’t help but pick up on how intentional Jesus was to notice people, talk to people and spend time with people. Are you imitating that? Do you notice people? Do you choose a lifestyle of initiating and inviting women out for coffee/lunch or over to your home? Are you spiritually growing, surrendering to Jesus’ Lordship and living for His Kingdom? Are you teaching others to do the same? If not, WHY NOT? We need to remember that 2 Corinthians 5:10 and many other verses are very clear that we will give an account for how we steward our salvation and our ministry to others. So, if each of us would just commit to following Christ and stop making excuses, then the culture will stop discipling us, and we’d be back to Christ’s original plan of us making disciples of the culture.