The In Between

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Salvation

We all know the story

We know the story of the birth of Jesus and we know the story of the Resurrection. In the days before Covid, we would have Christmas Eve services and Easter morning services. Our churches were so packed that some were running six services and we could choose which timeline best suited us. Those were the days.

God’s story is our opportunity

Celebrating Christmas and Easter is what we are all invited to do. We celebrate the fact that we have a God who loves us so much to come to our world and not leave it until He made a way for us to have new life and eternal life with Him. But these memorials also give us an opportunity to reach out to those who don’t know Jesus yet or as they should.

Jesus’ life in between

But there’s more to Jesus’ life than His birth and death. So, what about the in between? What about the life that Jesus lived here on Earth as an adult? Jesus’ story shows us how God expects us to live. He shows us what His Kingdom should look like when it operates IN people. So, we can’t miss the in between! It’s just as important. We can’t just know about Christmas and Easter and then live our own version of our lives based on our plans, not God’s, in between.

Jesus’ life is the solution

Imitating Jesus in everything we do is the key to living out God’s Kingdom! Jesus was intentional with people – so we need to be. Jesus loved people – so should we. Jesus had expectations of greatness from people – so we need to follow His example and expect great things of them, too. We need to show people what Kingdom life looks like ALL year round.

Obeying Jesus equals effectiveness

We will be more effective in this world when we obey the things Jesus had to say between Christmas and Easter. We need to live intentionally, surrendered to His will, and not our own. His ministry on earth to people then is vitally important to our lives here on earth now. Our call as Christians is to know the Father, imitate the Son and participate in the work of the Holy Spirit. Learning how to do this is all found in the in between of Jesus’ Birth and Resurrection.

So, don’t forget about the in between this Christmas season! It will change your life and the lives of others for eternity if you join with Christ in the in between!