The “We” Part of “Well” Really Does Matter

by | Apr 29, 2021 | Lordship

Any group or church can call itself Christian.

That doesn’t mean anything. It can be all talk, womp-womp-womp, with no real evidence of Jesus or the cultural values of Heaven operating in and through them. But there’s also no truly Christian group or church that’s free from the cultural values of Hell still operating in and through them, either. To be free of Hell is called glorification, ladies, and that comes later. Right now, we’re in the very messy sanctification stuff.

Pressing against the culture of Hell in us isn’t easy.

If we’re doing sanctification, then we’ll see people pressing against the culture of Hell that’s still in them and in their midst. We’ll see people trying to get from glory to glory – step by step, seeking to live like they know the Kingdom of God is real. Their attempts won’t be perfect, but they’re dying trying to be. I believe The Well is one of those truly Christian groups or communities, which means it’s going to be messy at times because we come in all shapes, sizes and colors, denominations and political persuasions, and span the socio-economic and educational spectrum. And although those things matter out there in the culture that’s ruled by the prince of the power of the air, they better not matter in here among people who are supposed to be ruled by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

What better NOT be in here.

Regardless of what we see and hear out there in the culture or even in some of our churches – in here, our white sisters aren’t “Karens.” They are our beloved sisters whose identity comes from Christ. In here, our Black, Hispanic and Asian sisters aren’t defined by news clips. They are our beloved sisters who need our love and support in these divided, trying times. In here, Baptists, Catholics and Charismatics who know Jesus are our family in Christ. A church affiliation doesn’t make some family, and others not. It’s Jesus who makes us blood relatives. In here, though the way some women served among us has changed, they’re still sisters in Christ and part of this community. A change in title isn’t a change in value.

We are still “WE”.

In here, ladies, the “we” in WELL has got to matter or we’re going to just be a religious organization for women that has a form of godliness with no real power or evidence that we follow a God who transforms us, and the way we see and treat each other. So, make sure you do your part in an “us vs. them” world to be “we-oriented” when you post on FB or social media. Choose dignity when you talk about others who don’t look or vote like you. Help keep the “we” in Well by praying for unity, fellowshipping with diverse others, learning from each other and caring for each other. It’s messy, but according to Jesus – this is worth dying for.

 Ladies! Join us for our "Praying Well" bon-fire, Feb 11th at 6:30 at The Well Property 

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