What’s our ministry if it’s not about activating you and launching yours?

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Discipleship

Activating you, establishing you, launching you – that’s what this ministry is all about and we’ve been all about that for 16 years. Hard to believe, right? And even though we’ve had A LOT of changes over the years, and have got a lot going on – rebuilding our leadership infrastructure, to include women leading studies and groups with us, the upcoming Renovated simulcast, the property remodel, our prayer efforts, getting more trainings back on the calendar, etc. – it’s still all about activating you, establishing, you and launching you. What’s different is just the way we’re doing some things.

We were centralized, all meeting in one place several days a week with The Well putting everything in place for you. We’ve been decentralized for 5 years, which means YOU put things in place and we support you as you lead Home and Community Groups. Now we’re learning how to be a hybrid ministry, doing some things online while also getting back to in-person studies, trainings and events. But without you, there is no Well ministry because our ministry focus is you!

So, what do we mean by activating, establishing and launching you? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Activate: You join in and help others join in. You participate in studies and groups, you invite women to participate in studies and groups, you give financially so we can create a space that provides child watch and large group trainings so lots of other women can also participate in studies and groups, and you pray with us and for us and for our churches.

Establish: You grow in Christ, in your fellowship with others in Christ, and in your ability to live the culture of God’s Kingdom wherever you are and in all your relationships. You develop your devotional life, you learn how to walk out and work out your salvation. You determine to congregate and not isolate, initiate dates, cultivate relationships, get to really know your God, and just plain grow in Jesus.

Launch: You eventually join a work, join our work or go start a work. You lead, you co-lead, you help people who are leading for the sake of impacting other women with the Gospel of Christ and His Kingdom of God. You use your spiritual gifts to build up the Body of Christ. You become part of the frontline of workers in Christ and workers with Christ who choose to be faithful to the command to “go,” letting Jesus guide what that will look like every day.

Yep, we’ve been around 16 years, by God’s grace, and by His grace we could be around another 16, if Jesus’ tarries. But what would be the point, if our ministry no longer bears the fruit of activating, establishing or launching women. Lord Jesus, may it never be!