Why Aren’t We Believing in the Truth of God?

by | Oct 6, 2020 | The Word

How is it that we pray, we go to church, we sit in Bible studies, belt out
Christian songs and yet we still do not trust God? How come we strive
after all the things we know God asks of us in the easy times and yet
when things get hard or sad or ugly or down right difficult, we turn to
other things to give us comfort? Why do we stop believing what God
told us in the light, only to completely doubt Him in the dark. Well, the
obvious answer is we live in such a fast-paced world that when we
don’t get what we want now, we get upset or lose hope or we just give

This is why we need the Holy Spirit dwelling within us! His truth and
perseverance can help us drive out those lies and bring hope that God
wants us and wants to be there for us. This is also why we need a
community of believers to help push us forward, pray with us and
speak truth into our lives. We can’t advance God’s Kingdom if we are
not listening & believing the unchanging truth of God!

So, let’s do this, ladies. Let’s be in the fight to not doubt. Let’s be in the Word so we
actually know who God is and stay reminded of what He’s expecting of
us. Let’s be praying always with others. Let’s be loving God and loving
others. Let’s be showing others who God is and help bring them out of
the darkness and into the light of God’s Kingdom. Because I know that
when we are doing the Father’s business, we are a little less willing to
listen to Satan’s lies. So, if we are praying, going to church, sitting in a
Bible study and singing Christian songs, but not trusting, then maybe
we are just gathering information on our God. Instead, what we really
need to be doing is truly knowing who He is. Believing in all the power
He possess. Then, we can advance His Kingdom with hope and
confidence, instead of doubt.