You’ve Got to Embrace the Whole Gospel

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Salvation

The Well trains women to embrace the whole Gospel – allowing it preeminence in their lives, allowing it to impact their relationships, their church, and their world through them. We do this because when a woman operates from only a part of the Gospel, then salvation becomes solely a doctrinal acknowledgement and an accepted gift, but the Gospel she believes doesn’t necessarily impact her world. So, it’s critical that women realize that the Gospel is not only a story, but also a relationship and a power that transforms our lives, and a call to participation. Once a woman fully understands the whole Gospel, it begins to change everything. We begin tapping into the abundant life the Bible talks about as we start participating in the work Jesus began, making it possible to eternally impact others around us. But this abundant life of joining God in the work He is doing here on the earth only happens when a woman embraces the whole Gospel. No matter what you say you believe, the way you act each day reveals what you really believe about the Gospel. Are you just surviving, going through the motions, letting the days pass you by or are you Battle Cry Ready Today for the mission at hand? Embracing the whole Gospel means we don’t just know it or even speak it, but we live it! So maybe for you that means you need to start with knowing the Gospel. So, then get with a Well-trained mentor and/or attend a conference, such as Reclaiming the Gospel to gain a fuller understanding of the Gospel and the “more” God is calling you to. Maybe you know the whole Gospel, but you lack fluency speaking it, which keeps you from reaching those around you. The best way to gain fluency in any language is through immersion, and it’s no different with the Kingdom. You can grow in your fluency by joining one of our home and community groups and registering for the trainings offered by The Well. Then you need to LIVE OUT and practice the very things you’re learning as you follow Christ. If we each do our part to know it, speak it and live it, allowing the whole Gospel preeminence in our lives, we will change our world!