Is the Kingdom of God operating in your life right here, right now? (Part One)

One of the most pivotal points in my walk had to do with my understanding of God’s Kingdom, the authority of Christ, and what that meant for my life right here, right now. My previous perceptions warped my understanding of the Gospel and what Jesus really came here to do.

Before, if I were asked what The Kingdom of God was, I would have said the Holy Spirit? Heaven? And then they’d see the blank look on my face. But after starting to genuinely read God’s word for myself and being in a community that embraces true relational discipleship in ways Jesus spoke about, I realized a few things:

  • God’s Kingdom is much more than a distant place called Heaven.
  • The Kingdom of God is the realm of God’s rule and reign and it’s right here, right now. It’s present on earth and in Heaven.
  • The Kingdom of God is Christ’s authority and rule over my life right here, right now.
  • God’s Kingdom is that realm within which the will of God is carried out without any interference.
  • There are only two Kingdoms: The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan. If I’m not advancing God’s Kingdom, well, I am advancing Satan’s Kingdom, because there is no in-between. Lukewarm is a bad place to be, and I have been there (Revelation 3:16)!
  • I need the Lord’s help to align all the areas in my life, so I reflect His Kingdom only, and not anything else.

Lord, help me live your Kingdom truth!

God’s Kingdom is meant to be lived out by me NOW. When I live it, others experience the Kingdom through me, and I experience the Kingdom’s blessings, freedom, power, true life, and purpose. So, my prayer has become:

Lord, help me to stay out of my own way to allow Your way to prevail in and through me! Refine me, strengthen me, and help me to really be free. Help me love my husband well and my children. Help me not to be a people pleaser but a God pleaser. Help me not to entertain insecurities.

Help me speak the truth in love and, Lord, would you just sew my mouth shut when anything against Your will wants to come out? Help me know how to have difficult conversations and to persevere in love.

Father, please give me eyes to see and ears to hear! Help me see others as You see them and to know how to love them well. Lord, I need a lot of wisdom and I need to have healthy boundaries with myself and with others. Please help me to discern Your voice, and to allow Your Holy Spirit to lead me in all circumstance.

Help me to be intentional and not reactive. Also, I could really use a lot of help with self-control, and I need a lot of strength to not do or say something really stupid at times. Will you also help me hand all my anxious thoughts over to You, so Your peace can rule my mind and heart?

I know You are able, Lord. Your word says so. I want to be the vessel of honor You called me to be. So, Lord, have your way. In Jesus’s mighty name I pray. Amen!

The Lord has answered this prayer time and time again! As I allow Him to refine me, my life is becoming more marked by His Kingdom. Not perfect, but more reflective of it. Do you need to pray for God’s Kingdom to come in you right here, right now, too? Then pray, and then get out of God’s way. He wants to help us, so that His rule, His power, His love, His will, His life shines through us. Only then will we have a Kingdom impact on the world around us.