The One Thing You Can Never Leave

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Kingdom of God

It’s a tough time to do ministry. I’m not whining about it. It just is what it is. For a long time, the uphill battle was trying to convince the “decided to be disciples.” If you encouraged women to read their Bibles, they left the group. If you asked women to pray for others in a room with them, they left the group. If you told women who identified as Christians that they needed to follow Jesus, you were promoting “works-based” salvation, and so they left the group. When some realized inter-denominational meant we weren’t all their denomination, well, you get it – they left the group. Add to all that leaving Covid-19. Now women leave because things aren’t like they used to be and they hate Zoom. Add again a conversation on race that many churches and ministries are also having to help bring awareness to the Body of Christ and advocacy for others through it, and yep – they leave the group. And NOW we’re in a full-blown political season. God help us. Every 4 years we vote, and every 4 years one side wins. You’d think we’d be used to it by now. But nooooo. We’ll witness Christians committing spiritual fratricide over their politics, see people as the enemy based on how one votes, get their knickers in a knot and then, well, you know – leave the group.

It’s sad really, because what God wants us to leave is our sin, apostasy, hypocrisy, hatred and apathy. But what we can NEVER leave is the call of God for us as Christians. There is personal loss and Kingdom loss if we do. Our call is still to love God, love people, and live as disciples who can contribute to making other disciples – despite Covid-19 and another political season. The call entails choosing to do something good for someone and refraining from saying something hateful. The call is to pray for whoever you see as the enemy (even people running for president) and not participate in a culture of hate (or mud-slinging on your social media). The call commands us to honor Jesus by honoring people Jesus still wants to redeem through our lives and witness. The call is to live in God’s will, advance God’s Kingdom, promote God’s heavenly culture on the earth, and communicate God’s Good News. Please don’t ever leave that, whatever else you leave or don’t leave.