BEING with Jesus is the first step in reflecting God’s Kingdom. (Part Two)

In my last blog (Is the Kingdom of God operating in your life right here, right now?), I talked about God’s Kingdom operating in and through our lives NOW. But HOW does that happen? Well, it starts with a willingness to spend time with Jesus on a regular basis.

There is nothing better than being in the presence of our Lord Jesus. But life is busy, so we have to fight for it. I’m not sure about you, but some days I get all jumbled up. The noise all around me can creep in and muddy up my thoughts. But when I make the choice to spend time with Jesus, the enemy flees, the seas calm, and clarity comes back to me. Jesus gives peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank God!

Jesus calibrates us.

There is nothing more calibrating, calming and clarifying then BEING WITH Jesus. That involves things like reading His Word, praying, being quiet before Him, worshipping…

Time with Jesus is our battery charger. He is the true source of strength, nourishment, wisdom, and purpose. Without Him our spiritual battery weakens and dies, and the results are:

  • We will not be effective.
  • We will feel empty.
  • We will be vulnerable to the enemy’s schemes.
  • It will be hard to really love others selflessly.
  • We will not know what God’s will is and will operate from assumptions.
  • You fill in the blank.

Lord, help us to BE WITH YOU, so that we can truly advance Your Kingdom in our relationships as it advances in our own lives!

There is no plan B.

The establishing of God’s Kingdom here on earth started with Jesus, and He left us some very clear instructions so we could continue what He started. As the Body of Christ, we are God’s Plan A. God promised to be with us and to empower us to do His will (Matthew 28:18-20). The Lord has called each person that turns to Him to advance his Kingdom here and it’s a command. Salvation and discipleship are not separate. It’s part of who you are, His chosen vessels, a Holy priesthood! We are God’s Plan A and He has entrusted this plan to us. He believes in us and has imparted Himself to us and in us! One of God’s many promises is that He will give you what you need and help free you up as you go so you can do what He is calling you to do. His word says, be with Me, follow Me, and live for Me, and I will do immeasurably more according to my power that is at work WITHIN you through the power of My Holy Spirit.

So, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Which Kingdom am I reflecting each day, in the role that place God has me in right now?
  2. Do I have that choosing to BE WITH Jesus down or at least working on that with some headway?
  3. Do I have some people who can hold me accountable to spending time with Jesus?

Ladies – let’s get out of God’s way and get moving on reflecting God’s Kingdom through our lives everywhere and in everything because He is with us and entrusted His Kingdom plan to us. Greater things to come! But we have to be ready and then help those around us to be ready too, so let’s go!